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We value our patients' experience at Tri-County Clinic of Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Heidi Zubeck
Your Vidalia Chiropractor

Before I started chiropractic care, I had headaches almost daily, I had trouble sleeping at night and I had daily chronic neck and shoulder pain which moved down my back on some occasions. I physically did not feel well and was emotionally and mentally tired all the time. My outlook on life was not very positive and did not reflect who I truly was as a person. I have rheumatoid arthritis and suffered flare-ups with that periodically as well. I had been to several medical doctors and had a number of tests run to see why I was in this state. Basically I was told that they really didn’t know what was wrong and to try and eat right and get some exercise and that was it! I couldn’t imagine accepting that for a final answer! I wasn’t even 40 years old and “this was as good as it was going to get”, I remember questioning.

I had always heard both positive and negative about going to a chiropractor and wasn’t sure who to believe but I was willing to give it a try… at this point I was willing to try anything to feel better. I believe that all things work together for our good when we love God and therefore refuse to say that “luck” or “chance” would have it that I came in contact with Dr. Heidi and Dr. Foster at Tri-County Chiropractic. I believe coming together was definitely for my good.

I could tell a difference almost immediately. My body responded well to each adjustment. I could not only feel the difference; we had x-rays to prove it as well. I am happy and proud to say I hardly ever have a headache anymore. They are so infrequent when I do have one, I don’t remember the previous one. I sleep most nights all through the night and if I happen to wake up, I have no trouble going back to sleep. I have more energy and feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally than I have in 3 years! It amazes me the difference seeing a chiropractor can make on one’s entire life. I am a rule follower so therefore I did as I was instructed; drank my water, performed my exercises, iced down when told and never missed an appointment and it all paid off. My outlook on life changed as my body began to heal itself and my optimism is better than I could have imagined.

I traveled 45 minutes one way to get to my appointments but it was worth the time, even in the beginning when I was coming three times a week. The office staff is always pleasant, Dr. Heidi and Dr. Foster are always positive and friendly and I always felt they were truly concerned about my health and well-being. My son has always been fascinated with the body and health/wellness so now I am encouraging him to become a chiropractor. I recommend chiropractic care to others as often as I have the chance and brag about the Tri-County doctors and their practice every time the topic comes up. I am a true believer in the body’s innate ability to heal itself when we take care of it like we should. Part of that care is accomplished through maintaining chiropractic care even once you feel better. I am proof of this and will continue chiropractic care as well as other natural/holistic ways of taking care of the body God has blessed me with. I’ve still got a lot of living to do and I want to feel the very best I can while doing it! - J. Price

I had chronic upper and lower back pain along with tightness in the neck. At first I would use a back cushion, lean forward to alleviate the pain, or take Tylenol several times a day. I drive a truck for a living and thought that I would just deal with it for the next 20 years, but the pain got the best of me. I didn’t take any other treatments other than Tylenol. It really started to affect my job. I would miss at least a day or two a month due to my back. I couldn’t sit more than a few minutes without squirming around. I couldn’t take a ride in a car more than 30 minutes without stopping. The positivity from Dr. Foster and Dr. Heidi as well as the ladies in the office really made me look forward to my visits. My neck feels great and my upper back has really improved. I have no problems in my lower back. My blood pressure dropped 20 points and I have regular bowel movements. They changed my life. I haven’t missed a day of work since they started with my chiropractic care. Every week I reach a new milestone thanks to them. - C. Gunter

For 11 years I have had pain in my neck, shoulders, back, and hip along with a few bowel problems. I had tried physical therapy but knew there was a better treatment out there. The personal attention and care given by the staff and doctors is outstanding. Now that I’ve begun treatment, I have little to no pain, improved bowel function, and better circulation. The doctor’s are caring, funny, and knowledgeable. I feel better and I am in better health than I have ever been since receiving care here. - P. Brantley