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Dr. Hannah Norton, D.C.

Dr. Hannah Norton, D.C., was raised in a small town in Western New York with her parents and family.  She grew up playing a variety of sports, and had many bumps and falls throughout the years. She had always gone with her father to the chiropractor but was never treated herself, until she was injured her freshman year in High school during softball season. As the only pitcher on the Varsity team, she needed to do something to help her stay in the game, and not just mask the symptoms of her pain. She went to the local Chiropractor and it changed her life forever because she learned the true value of chiropractic — realizing that it not only benefited her on the field, but also improved her overall health. Since she had such amazing results from her Chiropractic care without medications, shots, or surgeries, she decided that she wanted to help others in the same way. So, in her senior year of high school, she made a commitment to pursue a career in chiropractic.

She then enrolled at D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, fulfilling the pre-requisites to enter a Doctor of Chiropractic program. During undergrad, she continued playing sports and was a two-sport athlete all four years at D'Youville, twice earning the Female Athlete of the Year Award and twice winning the Pitcher of the Year Award in the Alleghany Mountain Collegiate Conference. Even during her College career when she would get injured, she still relied on her Chiropractic care. She found that Chiropractic helped her to heal quicker, so she was able to achieve her goal to stay in the games.

Upon graduation from D’Youville College, she enrolled in the doctorate program at Palmer College of Chiropractic (Florida Campus). During her time at Palmer she was a Campus Guide, giving tours to prospective students and greeting incoming students on their first day as an ambassador of the college.  As a student intern at the Palmer Clinic, she was nominated for the prestigious Clinical Excellence Award because of her dedication and quality of care for her patients.  She was recognized throughout her school for her intense commitment to helping her classmates’ transition from the academic side to the clinical side of chiropractic schooling. 

She now continues to find ways to mentor in the Toombs-Montgomery County area. She is extremely happy to call Vidalia home, and is very excited to serve the community alongside Dr. Heidi and Dr. Foster. Her ultimate goal is to get and keep the Vidalia community healthy!